KEC has launched advanced conceptual courses in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These courses are more complex in terms of their difficulty levels.

These courses aim to equip the students for exams such as Ganit Pravinya/Pradnya, NTSE, Domestic and International Olympiads; and are designed to create strong foundation students choosing Science stream in Class 11/12, and a base for exams such as JEE-Main, JEE-Advanced and SAT.

Conceptual Physics Course

Conceptual Physics is a specially designed course for students of Class 7/8 for deeper understanding of importance concepts in field of Kinematics, Motion, Force, Pressure, Heat, Light, Power, Electricity, Magnetism and others. The content of this course are useful for school exams, Homi Bhabha exam, Olympiads and other advanced exams.  Course commences in June and ends in February.

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