Ganit Prabhutva and Ganit Pradnya are advanced level mathematics exams conducted by Mumbai Ganit Adhyapak Mandal.  These exams are for Class 5 and Class 8 students. KEC is one of the few study centres in Mumbai which has specialized faculty to help students achieve success in these exams. 

Ganit Prabhutva / Pradnya Course (Std 5) 

KEC has a dedicated classroom course for Ganit Prabhutva and Ganit Pradnya exams for students of Class 5. Aspiring students usually attend both the IPM exam course (which caters to basic concepts) and Ganit Prabhutva / Pradnya course (for advanced course). These lectures are usually kept in adjacent slots on the same day for the convenience of students.

Conceptual Maths Course (Std 8)

KEC has an advanced Mathematics course called “Conceptual Maths”. This is a high-level course covering advanced mathematics topics. Contents of this course are designed to cover the requirements of Ganit Prabhutva / Pradnya exams in addition to other advanced exams like Maths Olympiads. Refer to our Advanced Courses for further details.