CV Raman Talent Search Exam is conducted by Vasai Vidnyan Mandal (Vasai Science Association) to inculcate scientific attitude and encourage deeper understanding of science in the minds of students. 

 This exam is conducted under two groups – Junior Group (for Class 5/6) and Senior Group (for Class 7/8). We recommend that students appear for the Junior Group in Class 5, and Senior Group in Class 8. In this way, this exam acts as a strong preparation course for the Homi Bhabha Balvaidnyanik Exam which can be taken in Class 6/9. Students in the junior group can take this exam either one or both years (Class 5/6). Student can attempt exam in Class 6, even if he has not attempted it in Class 5. Similar dynamics are applicable for Senior Group also. But as mentioned above; KEC recommends that student take this exam with full preparation in Class 5 and Class 8 respectively.

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The exam is conducted in two phases: first phase is a written test with 100 multiple choice questions (MCQs). This is conducted in January every year. Selected students then move forward to the second stage which consists of practicals and interview.

Key FeaturesClassroom CoachingCorrespondence Course
Exam DateDec every yearDec every year
Course Start DateJune every yearJune every year
Comprehensive Study MaterialYesYes
KEC practice book / past papersYesYes
Online Test Series (5 Tests)YesYes
Group coaching and class testsYesNo
Coaching for practical examYesSeparate enrollment
EnrollmentContact UsEnroll Here

Please note that the study material used in classroom and correspondence courses is the same.