Why Maths for Physics course?

Mathematics is the language of physics. Sound maths skills are essential for subtle understanding of concepts and solving numerical problems in Physics. Physics can be learnt effectively only to the extent of prior knowledge of maths. Maths can be learnt without Physics. But Physics cannot be learnt without maths.

In class 11, 12, the essential maths is learnt but not as a pre-requisite for Physics. Often, it is learnt after learning Physics topics. This affects conceptual clarity and skills of solving Physics problems.

‘Maths for Physics’ course covers the complete spectrum of maths skills required for effectively doing Physics of JEE advance, NEET. Half of the course material and teaching time is spent on maths explanations and pure maths problems, primarily for acquiring working skills. The other half is meant for applying maths rigorously to several situations in Physics. This includes challenging numerical problems in various topics of Physics.

Topics Covered

Main topics covered include algebra, trigonometry, co-ordinate geometry, vectors, relations and functions, shapes of curves, calculus and multiple others.

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